Dolcer Ceramic Solid Tile: Misty Blue

$ 2.05


We have taken our handcrafted ceramic tile to a new level of quality and durability. Dolcer Tiles have greater hardness and mechanical strength, due in part to new mixtures of various raw materials that can be fired at higher temperatures.

Another advantage of the Dolcer collection is the ability to make it in an extensive range of colors, unlike in any of our other tile collections. Thanks to our skilled ceramicists who break conventions we can now enjoy new designs, colors and textures.

Recommended Use:

  • All interiors of residential and commercial wall applications.
  • Light-use residential flooring.
  • Outdoor use in areas where freezing temperatures are not common. Tiles are not frost proof.
  • Wet areas such as showers, pools or fountains.
  • Tiles and grout must be sealed with a penetrating sealer that will form an invisible barrier resistant to moisture and stains.


Texture: Smooth
Finish: Gloss
Body: Red Bisque
Thickness: 1/4 in.
Variation: V2 - Slight Variation
Grout: Sanded grout if joint is greater than 1/4 in. or
Non-sanded grout if joint is less than 1/4 in.
Sealer: Use penetrating sealer


Tiles per Square Foot:

Size (in.) Number of Tiles
2x2 36 tiles
3x3 16 tiles
4.25 x 4.25 9 tiles
6x6 4 tiles


  • Industry standard recommends adding on 5-10% additional tile to account for waste, special cuts, or other unforeseen problems. It is recommended to revise measurements and tile quantities with an expert installer.

Care and Considerations:

  • Clean with mild cleanser and damp cloth, do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Some glazes such as matte colors are acid sensitive. Do not use cleaners with an acid base since these may cause discoloration.