11.5 x 11.5 Unsealed Regular Saltillo Square Edges - Floor Tile

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Please Consider:

The Saltillo is unique, irregular, functional and expressive. Tiles vary in texture, Not perfectly flat, they have chipped edges, craters, and from time to time you may run into tiles with animal tracks. A high percentage of the batches of Saltillo tiles are subject to "lime pops". Craters or lime pops are caused by alkaline deposits, these are usually inhibited and may be stopped by sealing the tile with a penetrating sealer. Sealers penetrate into the lime pocket, demystifying it, keeping water out and therefore preventing the lime pop.

Substantial variations are expected for all Saltillo tiles. Size, random color and texture differences will be present from piece to piece. Final installation will be unique. Therefore, it is recommended that the entire range is viewed and arranged before installation.


Unique line of tile which has characterized Mexican, Southwest, and Spanish colonial design styles. We sell the Saltillo tile pre-sealed and unsealed. You can choose the finish of your preference.

Recommended Use:

• All Residential and medium use industrial flooring. 
Outdoor use in areas where freezing temperatures are not common. Tiles are Not frost proof.
Moist areas where tiles are not submerged in water. 
Tiles and grout must be sealed with a penetrating sealer that will form an invisible barrier resistant to moisture and stains.

Recommended Rooms:

• Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Patio.
Outdoor use is subject to climate conditions and method of installation.
Not recommended on outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures.


Texture:  Smooth, irregular
Finish: Unsealed natural clay
Body: Red Bisque / Not perfectly flat
Thickness: 1/2 in.
Variation: V4 - Substantial Variation
Grout: Sanded grout if joint is greater than 1/4 in.
Sealer: Use 511 Porous Plus


Tiles per Square Foot

 Size (in.) Number of Tiles
12x12 1 Tile


• Industry standard recommends adding on 5-10% additional tile to account for waste, special cuts, or other unforeseen problems. It is recommended to revise measurements and tile quantities with an expert installer.

Care and Considerations:

• Clean with mild cleanser and damp cloth, do not use abrasive cleaners.

• Do not use abrasive cleaners, acids or bleaches.