About Us

Casa Tile® is committed to providing only the finest and highest quality Mexican tile, ceramic tile, handcrafted talavera tile, Malibu tile, and terra cotta floor tile.

Nowadays when most our surroundings are industrialized and homogenous; we take a different stand. Adhering to Old World traditions Casa Tile® tiles are handcrafted by skilled artisans that imprint their unique touch on each tile.

Casa Tile® offers a vast array of handcrafted ceramic tiles and accessories that range from the simple and earthy to the elegant and complex. Furthermore our extensive ceramic tile collection offer many options to choose from. Our ceramic tiles can be used on applications which evoke anything from the antique and classic to contemporary and modern finishes. Casa Tile® ceramic tiles can transform a lifeless space into a timeless, dynamic, and visually satisfying setting.  We invite you to browse our tile collections for ideas and inspiration.